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Mike & Debbe Lapina

Debbe and Mike have been dancing together for 25 of their 30 plus years of marriage. They began their dancing hobby in the early 80's at Arthur Murray Dance Studio where they studied ballroom for 13 years. They joined Chicago’s Windy City Jitterbug Club in 1992 and began blending their ballroom experience with Chicago Swing dancing to develop their own style. In 1995 they turned their attention to choreography and dance exhibitions.

They began teaching for CWCJC in 1995. They are lead instructors in the program and teach beginner through advanced Jitterbug (East Coast Swing) and also specialized workshops in several different dances from Ballroom to Hustle.

Over the past 12 + years they have had the pleasure of performing and teaching at several dance conventions.

In September ‘05 they were inducted into the American Bop Association’s Hall of Fame.

They are looking forward to another great weekend at Boogie in the Bluegrass.

Steve & Kathy Day

We are from Boiling Springs, South Carolina and married 35 great years.  We met dancing and continue dancing and still loving it. Steve is a Buyer,(13-Years) and Kathy is administrative assistant for food service department for a school district (21-years).

First Lesson: 1994, 16 years ago!

We started competing in 1995(What were we thinking?)  and won some contests and worked our way through  the ranks to PRO SHAGGER.

  • We are members of The R&B Shag club in Spartanburg, South Carolina   

  •  Upstate Shag  Club, Spartanburg S.C.   

  •  The Competitive Shaggers Association   

  •  Honorary members of the Cincinnati Bop Club in Cincinnati Ohio 

We have competed,  performed, and had the pleasure of doing workshops and demo’s for  different  clubs from Chicago to Tampa  as well as workshops on Carnival Cruise Line & Royal Caibbean.  We have also taught shag lessons to many  different office associations, meetings,  and conferences. 

Offices Held:  

  •  2 years  board members of The Competitive Shagger   

  •  Judged contest for Competitive Shaggers Association  

  •  Steve -  ABA Director & Membership  

  •  Steve was very instrumental in getting R&B Shag Club into the ABA   

  •  R&B board many years ago. 

  •  Accomplishments: 

  •  Danced with the Carolina Shag Team for 10 years, dancing in the team division at the Grand Nationals in  Atlanta, Georgia and Winning the 1996 Team division, (1996 Grand Nationals Team Champions)What a JOY!!    

  •  Also danced  in  the  2006  ShagDance Championships at Myrtle Beach 


  •  Spartanburg County parks and recreation department(about 10 Years)   

  •  The Dance Academy in Union, South Carolina   

  •  Spartanburg Community College   

  •  Spartanburg YMCA  

  •  Lake Lure North Carolina   

  •  Polk County Parks & Recreation department in North Carolina   

  •  Wild Wings Café  

  •  Spartanburg Débutants, and to anyone else that would love to learn to Shag.

  • Carnival Cruise lines

  • Royal Caribbean cruise lines

Charities:  (This is what we love the most: ) 

  • We have helped with many Fund Raisers .    

  •  Mobile Meals  

  •  St. Luke’s Free Clinic   

  •  Glen Springs Boys Home   

  •  American Red Cross   

  •  Day of Dance Spartanburg Regional Hospital system   

  •  Spring Fling  

  •  All State Insurance Beach Day

  •  Sklyln Place retirement home   

  •  and many friends in need.


  •   Still Married (35 years) Happy in life! We have 2-Great Boys  and 1  Awesome grandson!   

  •   We helped R&B shag club win the attendance trophy @ MESS party.  We had to have  the most in attendance at   the weekend event for 3-   years in a row! (Big Road trip)  

  •   We helped get  a Competitive Shaggers Association to Greenville for Contests (Dockers).   

  •   We helped  promote Junior Shaggers in Greenville   

  •   Taught for R&B Shag Day (1 day event) which is now Sparkle City Celebration.

  •   ABA Hall of Fame

  •   R&B Shag club Hall of Fame

Recognitions: We like to lay low! Recognition for us is watching all our friends enjoy doing what we love: Dance!

Our love for dancing has allowed us to help many Charities, meet and form great friendships with many wonderful people from all walks of life.

Meet us on the dance floor!

                                “Just Gotta Dance!”

Gloria Medel

Gloria Medel has been teaching workshops and performing dance exhibitions at many national dance events including Nashville, Gatlinburg, Louisville, St. Louis, Columbus, Cincinnati, Tampa, Pittsburgh, Jacksonville, Memphis, Cleveland and Chicago over the past several years.

She was inducted into the American Bop Association Hall of Fame in 2002.  Gloria is a member of the Chicago’s Windy City Jitterbug Club (CWCJC).  She held the position of Dance Lesson Director, redesigned the dance lesson program, was a part of the dance instruction team and trained fellow dance instructors for CWCJC for many years. 

When Gloria travels, she loves the challenge of learning all types of dance such as Bop, West Coast Swing, Carolina Shag, Hustle, Latin, etc.; and converting and/or incorporating what she learns to match and compliment her Chicago Jitterbug dance style.  Gloria's biggest joy is meeting and greeting friends, old and new, and sharing her love of dance. 

Phil Dorroll

Music has been an integral part of Phil’s life and remains a powerful influence on his present day endeavors. After 10 years in the jewelry business, Phil moved his business to Nashville, TN, to pursue singing and songwriting. In addition to opening a recording studio he expanded the wholesale and retail jewelry business to include several pawnshops. Phil published several songs in the 70’s & 80’s with one notable success, a love song that became a national Budweiser commercial, It Must Be Love (Bud)!

While in Nashville, Phil developed a passion for dancing in general, with a special interest in West Coast Swing. In 1995 Phil opened Dance Connection Dance Studio and began his training to become a dance instructor. The studio offered dance education in a variety of dance styles for the local community with workshops and dance camps in TN, AL, MS, & MI. Phil competed in many competitions on the swing circuit. In November of 2005 Phil received the Star Award and was inducted into the National Living Legends of Dance. Phil presently serves on the Board of Directors for the National Living Legends of Dance.

Today, Phillip Dorroll resides in Clearwater, FL, where he is the owner and operator of Dance America Productions. Dance America operates a dance floor company that sells and rents dance floor to major swing and ballroom competitions across the USA. Dance America is also responsible for producing, organizing and directing two West Coast Swing dance competitions, the Tampa Bay Classic and the Michigan Classic Swing Dance Championships. In addition, Dance America hosts two social dance weekends, the Sweetheart Swing Classic and the Summer Swing Classic.

Dance America also operates a dance studio in Clearwater, FL. providing opportunities for education, fitness and social interaction. Phil’s current projects to share his passion for music include developing a dance program to involve the youth in his local and national community.

Phil is proud and honored to be a Director for Global Dance TV and is looking forward to the future with the entire GDTV team as we move into cutting edge areas of production. Global Dance TV will be the vehicle for us all to communicate and share our passion for the art of dance.

Associations and Memberships:

World Swing Dance Council
Masters Swing Dance Tour
All Swing DJs
Global Swing Dj's
National Association of Rhythm & Blues DJ’s
National Fast Dance Association
National Living Legends of Dance
NASDE (National Association of Swing Dance Events)
Director of Global Dance TV Programming

Other Competitive Accomplishments:
Swing Fling - 2nd Place Sophisticated Swing, 2010
US Open - 4th Place Masters, 2001
KC Swing Challenge – 1st Place Masters, 2001 
Heartland Swing – 3rd Place Open, 2002 
Swing Fling – 3rd Place Sophisticated Swing, 2002 
KC Swing Challenge – 1st Place Showcase, 2002 
Heartland Swing – 1st Place Masters, 2003 
Heartland Swing – Advanced Jack & Jill 1st Place, 2003 
Swing Fling – 3rd Place Sophisticated Swing, 2003 
Atlanta Summer Swing Jam – 1st Place Adv J & J, 2003 
Atlanta Summer Swing Jam –2nd Place Adv S. Swing, 2003

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